One Day Trip Guide to Johor Bahru City

Johor Bahru (JB) is the ultimate destination for people who are looking to eat, play, and shop. Many people cross the causeway from Singapore to enjoy a one-day trip. During the short time that you spend here, you can not only visit hot spots but also catch panoramic views, visit a bustling night market and have fun at a pop-up theme park.

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Here is a guide that will help you if you are contemplating a one-day trip to Johor Bahru.

Begin Your Trip from Jalan Tan Hiok Nee

Janal Tan Hiok Nee is merely a 15-minute walk from the Customs. It is a heritage street, where you will find many old-school and aesthetic eateries and cafés. While you are here, head to Hiap Joo Bakery. It is extremely popular for its banana cake. You can pick up a box and eat as you stroll along this neighbourhood.

Visit the Pop-up Art Gallery

Also located at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, this pop-up art gallery is opposite Bev C’afe. It features a rotating roster of artists, including international artists. You will immediately notice the unique display at the storefront and that is sure to pique your interest. The gallery staff is friendly and will give you the background of the artist whose exhibition is ongoing. You can sip coffee as you browse through the gallery.squirt webcam

Go Café Hopping

There are numerous cafés in Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. So, take a walk around the neighbourhood and step into cafés that you like. It is a great way to mingle with locals and speak to the friendly staff. You can start your café hopping spree with Bev C’afe as soon as you step out of the pop-up art gallery. While you are there, savour their delicious jackfruit cheesecake. Other cafés that you can visit are Flowers in the Window, Chaiwalla & Co Container Café, and The Replacement – Lodge and Kitchen.

Get Panoramic Views of the Cityscape at Skyscape

After you finish café hopping, head to Skyscape. Go to the 33rd floor to walk on the sky bridge that has a glass floor. Not only will you be able to enjoy awe-inspiring views of Johor Bahru but you will also be able to see the causeway from the sky bridge. Your tickets to the Skyscape include complimentary activities, such as the LED tunnel, access to the observation deck, and playing virtual reality games.

Shop at KSL City Mall and Nearby Stores

While most people enjoy shopping at the KSL City Mall, which is home to a lot of brand stores and massage parlours, you should also take time to discover other shopping opportunities in the vicinity. Just outside the shopping mall, at the CBTL entrance is Avery Day Convenience Concept Store. The store sells snacks from a variety of countries, including Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Thailand. You can also get hot snacks like fried chicken, nuggets, and fries. There is an outdoor sitting area on the second floor where you sit and eat.

Visit Pasar Karat

Come out of Avery Day Convenience Concept Store and walk a few metres to Pasar Karat. It is a night market and you will take around 30 minutes to walk the entire street. Here, you will find many local delicacies, such as BBQ skewers, chendol, Assam laksa, fried carrot cake, and more. You can savour the local delights to enjoy hearty dinner snacks. Some of the night market stalls also sell souvenirs, nail cutters, fire starters, and water bottles.

End Your Day with a Visit to Euro Fun Park, a Pop-up Theme Park

Before you retire to your hotel room, visit Euro Fun Park, where the rides are thrilling. If you are not frightened, check out the Vortex, which to you dizzy heights. Another ride that you will find thrilling is the Space Flyer. The spinning chairs go up to a height of 30m.

In Conclusion

You can also Johor escorts if they know hidden treasures across the city. Since these ladies are local, they will know of lesser-known places that you can visit and avoid crowds. Make sure you can add them to your itinerary. That way, when your one-day trip to Johor Bahru comes to an end, you will take away thrilling and exciting memories of the city.